I am interested in carrying out projects that invite people to reflect on our ways of living, on our contexts, our relationships, our lives. Works which make us think about and with people; which conceive of and propose art as part of the experience of daily life, which help the re-appropriation of our lives. Works which propose a link between art, society and politics. I want us to look for ourselves through the works, distinguish ourselves, see ourselves and listen to ourselves, to reflect on ways of “doing” where every one of us fits and benefits. I want to make works which generate moments of encountering, listening, dialoguing and which help us by giving us time to reflect, question, fight and create.

I think that art is a form of social consciousness, and in this sense, it is an instrument of communication, of knowledge, of exchanging of ideas, an instrument of change and transformation. I think that art can influence reality and even transform it.

As an artist, for the production of my projects, I need to be outside, meeting people and places. I always carry my camera and my audio and video recorders.

Most of my works have a direct relationship with the context of the place where they are presented or where they were produced. I am interested in everyday places and moments, and especially the people that are a part of them. I use different media and strategies for the production of my works: field recordings, ephemeral installations, participatory and relational practices, action art, written media, video, photography and experimental music sessions. I work both in public spaces and in spaces dedicated to art. I have mainly four starting points: listening, sound, walking and traveling; these four points can be acts with which we come into contact with the world, help make sense of it, understand it and share it with other people. They can be political and social acts, vehicles of communication, dialogue, understanding, and approaching people, a means of understanding and transforming our realities. They can help us to stop producing, stop consuming, to leave urgency and stress behind; they can help us to meet and get to know ourselves and others. They can be acts capable of reinforcing our relationships, of putting up resistance against fear, violence and repression; they can help us to appropriate life itself.