(From) Where Are We Listening?

Do we listen to all people in the same way? Or do we alter our attention and our judgements depending on their skin color, their gender, their origin, their religion, or even their profession, their socioeconomic status, their way of speaking, their confidence?

This is a research based project that seeks to listen to artists who work at border between sound, noise, silence, sociability and the decolonial intersections, interactions, within the sonic coloniality. 

This project seeks to be a sound-critical reflection and cross-reading practice of sound artists, poets and researchers, to study how people use the sonic space and practices to question and counteract, criticize, disagree and resist the current political and economic systems, and their different types of discrimination.  

This project listens to people who speak, who make noise or prefer to choose silence, as a form of struggle, from their own places, from their own bodies, from their own voices.