Walk For…

The objective of this project is to create works that reflect and talk about the importance of walking, that encourage and invite walking. The works can be created through different means: actions, installations, performance, video, etc.

Walking can be an intimate moment, which help us to know ourselves, to think, to correct ourselves, to question us. But it is also a social and political act, a relational act, an openness to the world, and that is where I am most interested in focusing on this project.

We know the problems that are going through many places. Societies. politics, and culture have been subordinated to neoliberal economics and finance. People, social groups, cultural differences, differences of thought, the economic inequality and the inequality of rights, matter less and less. Among many other problems.

And that is where I think art should be. I think that art has the ability to make us understand that to transform our lives we need to work every day, we need to transform our daily life, and that is where walking comes.

Walking places us in the present, in the here and now. Walking gives us the opportunity to experience, think an live the world. Walking through a places can transform the place itself, and our perception of it. It help us to know each other, to make us understand that we need other people, to understand our interdependence, our co-involvement, to make us discover the relationships we have with people, the social expressiveness we live.

Walking can be an act capable of strengthening our relationships, to share with other people, it is a vehicle of communication, understanding and approach to the people, a means of understanding and transformation of our realities.

In the current economic, political and social context, walking can be perceived as an act of resistance against fear, violence and repression, and act of rebellion against the capitalist system, because it invites us to take distance, to stop producing, to stop to consume, to leave the urgency and stress, slows down the hurried pace of our lives, invites us to stop, to meet, to talk and to know us, to think about us, our relationships and our societies.

Walking help us to re-learn to live the world. Learning transform us, gives us the ability to think, listen, say and do in another way.

Work no. 1
Time-lapse that I made taking a picture every 30 steps, in the streets of Hidalgo neighborhood and the Historical Center of the city of Queretaro, Mexico.


Work no. 2
Video that I made walking through different streets of the neighborhood where I live, Cruz de Fuego, and the neighborhoods San Jose de Los Olvera, El Pocito, Magisterial and Magisterial Union, in Queretaro, Mexico, and in which I later wrote some comments about the different places that I went through, which I frequent regularly.


Work no. 3
Video that I made with recordings made in a walk in El Zamorano hill, in the municipality of Colon, Queretaro, Mexico.


Work no. 4
It is a video that I made with recordings made in a walk made in a place that we arrived at random in the municipality of Huimilpan, Queretaro, Mexico.


Work no. 5
The video is the result of a walk through some streets of the Downtown of the city of Queretaro, Mexico, although they are streets that I have walked many times, this time I wanted to walk them on a Sunday at 7:20 in the morning, one day and at a time when I usually do not walk those streets.


Work no. 6


Work no. 7
The video is the result of different recordings that I made walking several times along the Madero walkway, between Allende and Guerrero streets, in the Downtown of the city of Queretaro, Mexico.


Work no. 8
This work was made by photographing people who were walking through different streets of the Historical Center of the city of Queretaro, Mexico, as a result there were 160 photographs.


Work no. 9
Sound and participatory work for a specific site. A walk was made in which were described some of the activities that were happening, and memories that brought me places where I walked, at the same time a sound record of the walk was made and people were invited to do the same walk while listening to the recording.
The walk was carried out through some streets of the Historical Center of the city of Queretaro, Mexico; It started and finished in front of the Liberad Gallery.


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