Obras / Works

Walk For… – https://balamronan.net/caminar-para/



Listening To The Everyday / Listening That Transforms – https://balamronan.net/la-escucha-de-lo-cotidiano-la-escucha-que-transforma/



Walk To Listen / Listen to Walk – https://balamronan.net/caminar-para-escuchar-escuchar-para-caminar/


From Sound to Noise… And Vice Versa – https://balamronan.net/del-sonido-al-ruido-y-viceversa/


Presence – Listen – Presence’ – https://balamronan.net/presencia-escucha-presencia/


From The Act To The Listen – https://balamronan.net/del-acto-a-la-escucha/


Public Spaces / Listen Spaces – https://balamronan.net/espacios-publicos-espacios-de-escucha/


Questions For Listen – https://balamronan.net/preguntasparalaescucha/


Sound Map Of Queretaro – https://balamronan.net/mapa-sonoro-de-queretaro/


BsAs – https://balamronan.net/bsas/


Queretaro – https://balamronan.net/queretaro/


Works Of Acoustic, Electroacoustic And Electronic Composition – https://balamronan.net/obras-de-composicion-acustica-electroacustica-y-con-medios-electronicos/




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